PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) VAMPIRE FACIAL

PRP is concentrated blood plasmathat is enriched with platelets; cell fragments that are found in the blood and contain 8 potent growth factors along with other

cytokines that stimulate the healing of soft tissue. In the body platelets are responsible for helping the blood clot and they help rebuild damaged tissue. Externally, studies have shown that platelets can stimulate your stem cells resulting in the growth of new skin. 

The micro needling based procedure is also producing great results in terms of minimizing the appearance of both scarring and stretch marks: Scarring: The micro needling is used to break up the fibrous tissues of the scar and the PRP spurs the growth of healthy tissue. For Stretch Marks:The micro needling creates damage over the thinned skin of the stretch mark. PRP then promotes growth of thicker skin.

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